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Efficient Foam Insulation Inc. is your specialist in spray polyurethane foam and Tripolymer Foam-In-Place foam in Attica, Almont, Lapeer and the surrounding MI areas.  Both types of foam have superior R-values to fiberglass, blown cellulose, or open cell foam.  Why?  The closed cell nature of polyurethane foam and the cold setting nature of Tripolymer foam stop air leakage problems at their source, provide a continuous barrier to heating or cooling loss, and prevent moisture infiltration through air leaks. 

Our company has over 35 years of experience in insulating residential, commercial, pole barns/garages, metal buildings and custom projects.  Get a quote or request more information on your project and start saving money TODAY.

Efficient Foam Insulation Inc. handles all of your foam insulation needs.  You have a challenge?  We have the answer!  We service the entire state of Michigan.

Here are examples of some of our past work.


  • Energy efficient home with spray foam
  • In studs, attic, basement walls
  • Walk-in freezer too
  • Less interior/exterior noise
  • Barrier to allergens, insects, rodents
  • Greater structural integrity
Red Pole Barn
  •  Barn chores easier with heat
  • Archery target stored here
  • Target repaired with foam
  • Walk-in cooler insulated
  • Fake rock created and stored here
  • No thermal bridging between foundation and structure
Pole Barn Ceiling
  •  Commercial pole barn wanted foam air barrier
  • Cost effective over life time of building
  • Lower energy bills and higher resale value
  • Owner had a Santa Claus decoration foam fixed too!

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